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Jumpstart Coaching

Sometimes you have a pretty good handle on how your life is going, but you find yourself struggling in one area. Maybe you want to make a career transition, or develop your communication skills, or just learn how to manage your time better.

Maybe you are almost ready to take a big jump, but you need a bit more support with a couple of things to get started. Maybe you just need some more focus and accountability.

I understand that sometimes you might be looking to make a few tweaks and adjustments. If that is the case, the Jump-Start Package could be the perfect fit for you.

With the Jump-Start Package, you get access to the following:

Three full, 50 minute session
Personal online access between sessions
Access to our exclusive Private Client Portal

The price for this package is just $575, and it will provide you with great value to get you over the hump and back on the right track.

575.00 USD

Personality Assessment and Debrief

Designed for Individuals (Managers, VP's, Parents, Coaches, Teachers, Directors, Principals - leaders) who want to gain awareness, clarity, and alignment to make choices that maximize their potential.

You will have have the opportunity to take the assessment and have a debrief. 

1. When was the last time you took an inventory of yourself?

2. Do you understand why you do the things you do?

3. Do you want to have clarity around how you can maximize your potential? How you might become more agile?


Benefits :

1. Gain awareness on your natural proclivities, self-imposed glass ceiling, and your fears. 

2. Begin to understand how you relate to others. 

3. Learn to understand how you can make choices to maximize your potential so you may become more agile given the context you find yourself in.

4. Gain awareness of your strengths, the underdeveloped and overused traits that can derail your growth. 


350.00 USD

3 Month Leadership Coaching

I support you to identify and change behaviors that will negatively impact your communication, relationships, and management of others. Using the Tilt assessment, I help you understand "why" you do the things you do. The coaching relationship then addresses the behaviors as it relates to leadership, motivation, self-awareness, communication, relationships, perceptions and accountability within the professional environment.

2000.00 USD